Friday, 24 February 2012

Farewell Albion!

After almost 12 years, 4 releases, 12 million copies sold and around a million late nights I finally left Lionhead Studios and my job as Art Director of 'Fable'. Its hard to sum up in words the whirlwind of creativity I experienced working there, how proud i am of what we achieved and the massive amount of (often very wrong) fun I had with some of the best people in the industry.

So I'll do it with pictures (random sketches, renders, photos from over the years... forgive some of the very old artwork..).

Awrabest Albion! *sniff*


  1. How comes you decided to leave and what are you moving on to now?
    All the best with whatever it is, you're an awesome artist!

    1. Cheers man!... Aye, i'm starting a new company with the original members of Big Blue Box (from when we started Fable) so it should be pretty interesting at least.

    2. Nice, good luck with that. If you ever need to take on a junior 3d artist in the future, you know where to come! :) Just kidding. Looking forward to what you and the other members produce.